Academic essay thesis statement

This web page explains the different parts to a thesis statement and helps you create your own.

Academic essay thesis statement

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Unified and coherent Declarative statement As the name suggests, a declarative statement declares something to be the case. Notice that this means that thesis statements cannot take the form of questions.

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Examples include the following: The sky is blue. Vanilla ice cream is the best kind. For better or worse, George Bush Jr.

Academic essay thesis statement

The poem uses images of hooks and eyes to imply both security and danger. The poem shows the contradictory feelings of the speaker; the images imply security as with the hook and eye of a bra and danger as with a fish hook entering an eyeball.

The poem uses images of hooks and eyes to show the contradictory feelings of the speaker, since the images simultaneously imply security as with the hook and eye of a bra and danger as with a fish hook entering an eyeball. All of these count as declarative statements, but only the last counts as a good thesis.

Contentious A contentious thesis is simply a thesis that requires argument for your readers to believe it or see that it is true. Essentially, a contentious claim requires you to refer to the some other claims for support, which you provide in the body of the essay.

Of the above declarative statements, 1 and 2 are not contentious. Your thesis statement should avoid the obvious, and should avoid making claims about your thoughts or tastes, since these are indisputable.

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Interesting To make your thesis interesting, you need to consider your reader. An interesting thesis also does not make an obvious argument, but whether or not something is interesting depends on reader expectations.

The best theses make unexpected claims, since the unexpected is always interesting. Of the above declarative statements, are not interesting.

Academic essay thesis statement

Even if 3 that Bush Jr. Precise and concise Being precise means giving a sense of the details of the essay; it means elaborating enough. Being concise means writing as efficiently as possible; it means not elaborating too much.

To ensure your thesis is precise, ensure that your reader knows the most important reasons that support it. To ensure that the thesis is concise, ensure that each detail you give is absolutely necessary to showing these reasons.

Whereas 5 and 6 are precise enough, are not. An example of a thesis statement that is not concise enough is as follows: This thesis statement mentions too much obvious history and focuses too much on facts not directly relevant to proving its main claim i.

It also tackles a minor and comparatively insignificant claim tighter regulations at airports — these extra details only distract from the central argument of the paper.

Whereas 5 lacks unity, 6 is better. The latter uses key words in the first part of the thesis hooks and eyes to more clearly link this first part to the details that prove it, given in the second part.

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Another aspect of a unified thesis is that it stands out from the rest of the text. When you state your thesis, make it clear in some way that you are stating your thesis. Begin your thesis in a new - Are You Ready for Great Academic Success?

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The links below provide concise advice on some fundamental elements of academic writing. Thesis statement in academic essay for students to help in college.

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The Best Way to Write a Thesis Statement (with Examples)