Examples of self indulgent writing a resume

Your letter was all the more agreeable to me on account of its length, and because it referred throughout to my books. I am not surprised that they please you, inasmuch as you extend the love you bear me to my writings.

Examples of self indulgent writing a resume

Ketu-Meena Events related to Ketu's bhava location or karaka functions Ketu generally is a neutral period distinguished by Ketu's karaka behaviors of separation, abandonment, apathy, nebulousness, and disconnectedness, but rarely severe in nature unless Ketu occupies 3rd-from the bhavaoccupied by Budha.

Generally, Vimshottari periods of Professor Ketu are scheduled for the purpose of release and forgiveness. The substance, idea, person, relationship, entity, or social role that is surrendered during the Ketu period is by definition spiritually unnecessary.

J. B. Phillips, The New Testament in Modern English

It has outlived its usefulness and it has lost its vitality Maintaining this enervated phenomenon whatever it is is costing too much energy within the life system.

Thus it is scheduled for release at the appointed time. Examples of things to be released include experiences from other lives which have expired in their relevance to the current life, outdated relationships that no longer match the authentic life-force energy of the native, parts of the body that may be holding genetic memories that are scheduled for release hair, teeth, appendix, sometimes other limbs or organs and other similar scenarios.

Professor Ketu is Rahu's dried and lifeless tail which flutters in the ethers like a flag in the wind. Therefore Ketu periods are often associated with the cutting-off of some desiccated appendage. Along with Professor Mangala, Ketu is the co-ruler of transformative randhra-bhava After releasing the unnecessary form, one often begins a path toward rejuvenation.

Ketu is not desired by Rahu. Feelings of emptiness and rejection. Before fully realizing that the Desired One no longer matches the authentic spiritual body, Ketu periods may produce a vain hope for connection with an unavailable or inappropriate person, social role, idea, or object.

Before the realization of the need to release the attachment, even knowing that the desire is lifeless, one may experience the illusion of connection which dissipates into fantasy, numbness, or distraction.

Desires are dispersed into "echo" awareness that one is not desired by the object of affection. The barest vestige of a faded connection Professor Ketu often induces a feeling of attempted reconnection with a person, place, thing, or idea that was significant in a previous life or in a distant phase of the present life.

However, the attachment is vestigial, no longer part of the vital script of the true present identity. Thus, connection is often unsustainable for reasons of spirit. The reasons of spirit often have more tangible echoes in reasons of social class attributes, reasons of knowledge lineage, reasons of ethnicity or race, reasons of doctrine, and other formal rationale.

However the definitive reason for the "non-connection" experience of Ketu is that one sees the object of attachment in a distant mirror, as a mere reflection of an already completed script. The object, for its part, will generally not allow the native to make more than a temporary and superficial connection to itself.

The material-social relationship may survive in skeleton form, while the spiritually conscious intent retreats into the nebulous status of dissociation from social-validation seeking ego-membrane.

examples of self indulgent writing a resume

If Ketu occupies a dushthamsha bhava there is potential signification for disruption or dismemberment. The outcome may occur in a wide range of shatter-disperse-severance patterns, including physical loss of limb or removal of organ social divorce, broken trust, disappointed expectations mental derangement scattering of coherent thought financial disintegration dispersal of collected assets and other possible expressions depending of the characteristics of the Ruler of Ketu.

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The Pope had appendectomy surgery in Oct during his Budha-Ketu period, where Ketu suggests hospitalization for purpose of severance of a non-essential body part. Marriage Professor Ketu is teaching a curriculum that focuses upon topics of impermanence, severance, amputation, abandonment, wandering, windiness, disemburdenment, and surrender.

Naturally Ketu periods support psycho-spiritual opening of awareness and ego-dissolving projects. Normally, the purpose of marriage is to establish a permanent and fruitful bond of mutual trust. Therefore marriage avowal during Ketu periods is rare and unusual. A marriage ceremony performed during Ketu bhukti may remain unconsummated.

The spouse disappears either literally or figuratively, or the behavior of the spouse is exceptionally eccentric. Much depends on Ketu's ruler and upon any graha which may share a rashi with Professor Ketu.

Professor Ketu is tasked to instruct upon the topics of dissolution, dispersion, separation, severance, abandonment, amputation, dismemberment, impermanence, and surrender.

According to the Professor, all temporary forms must eventually dissipate so that their elements may be recycled into other forms. When He is ruled by a graha which itself rules classroom-2 saturation of the senses or classroom-7 completion of the contract then Professor Ketu gains marana-karaka empowerment.

However as the chidra-karaka, Ketu possesses all the required endowment, independent of His planetary ruler, to act as beheader, cord-cutter, incisor, shredder, slicer, and amputator. Therefore Ketu periods always carry the potential scatter the material-world forms.

Those left behind the veil which curtains off the other worlds may perceive Ketu's molecular dispersal as a physical death. However it is merely a grand act of recycling.

Ketu co-rules randhra bhava. India-PM Indira Gandhi was assassinated by bullets to the head a type of guillotineshot by her own bodyguards from the mists as she wandered Ketu walking through a garden lost in thought.

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Her Ketu-Simha is located in 12th-from-9th-from-Chandra which for her nativity could indicate the material-decease or withdrawal of a third spouse.

Evaluate the placements of Zukra.This flight was made out in the open with all the possibilities of failure, which would have been damaging to our country's urbanagricultureinitiative.come great risks were taken in that regard, it seems to me that we have some right to claim that this open society of ours which risked much, gained much.

Examples of Attributes By YourDictionary An attribute is a quality or characteristic of a person, place or thing. Personal attributes are character traits or personality traits.

Aerosmith's Nine Lives, their return to Columbia Records after experiencing a Career Resurrection at Geffen Records, did not come out urbanagricultureinitiative.com week before rehearsals, drummer Joey Kramer left because he went into a deep depression, having grieved the loss of his father shortly prior, and the band even hired a session drummer in case Kramer didn't return.

"I am writing a list of tragic character flaws on my dollar bills with a felt pen. I am thinking of the people in my universe and distilling for each of these people the one flaw in their character that will be their downfall—the flaw that will be their undoing.

For an example of how to effectively convey communication skills on your resume, check out our sales management sample resume on the right.

examples of self indulgent writing a resume

2 – Teamwork. Teamwork skills allow you to operate well in a group setting in the workplace to quickly and effectively accomplish tasks. Nine Bhukti. of the. Budha. Mahadasha * duration 17 years * Modern description of the sequence of experiences structured into the nine bhukti * sub-periods of the Budha-Mahadasha, written by BP Lama.

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