Love and affirmation

Please read my disclosure for more info. Article by Elizabeth Daniels These positive affirmations for love can help you find love, happiness and romance.

Love and affirmation

They will go on fretting, no matter how you plead. Chronic insecurity in your relationship is a major problem. Love and affirmation relationships really, deeply matter. Your health, your wellbeing, your happiness are affected by your relationships more than any other factor.

21 Positive Love Affirmations To Attract Love.

And your most intimate relationships have the biggest effect of all. The burden - of fear and obsessive thoughts, of feeling powerless, of awful awareness that all this insecurity may actually itself be destroying what you treasure most - can feel pretty unbearable.

The truth is that being involved with a really insecure person can be hell.

Love and affirmation

This article highlighted what a common problem insecurity is I wrote an article a while back on overcoming insecurity in relationships and was inundated with feedback from all over the world.

The scores of comments on the article itself were just the tip of the iceberg. My inbox overflowed with hundreds more private emails from people wracked by feelings of relationship insecurity. If recited on a daily basis, while in a relaxed state and with feeling, it will dramatically change every facet of your life for the better.

Deep at the center of my being there is an infinite well of love. I now allow this love to flow to the surface. It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being, and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless.

The use of love makes me feel good, it is an expression of my inner joy. I love myself therefore, I take loving care of my body.

Love and affirmation

I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages. I lovingly groom it and dress it, and my body lovingly responds to me with vibrant health and energy.

I love myself therefore, I provide for myself a comfortable home, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in. I fill the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, myself included, will feel this love and be nourished by it.

I love myself therefore, I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities, working with people that I love and that love me, and earning a good income.

I love myself therefore, I behave and think in a loving way to all people for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied.

I only attract loving people in my world for they are a mirror of what I am. I love myself therefore, I forgive and totally release the past and all past experiences and I am free. I love myself therefore, I live totally in the now, experiencing each moment as good and knowing that my future is bright, and joyous, and secure.

For I am a beloved child of the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me now and forever more. And so it is.Oct 05,  · The Five Love Languages, in a Nutshell. In his own words, here’s how Chapman breaks down the five love languages in his book.

My conclusion after thirty years of marriage counseling is . The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate is a book by Gary Chapman. It outlines five ways to express and experience love that Chapman calls "love languages": receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch.

Examples are given from his counseling practice, as well as questions to help determine one's own. Personal relationships always seem to be the first priority for so many of us. I share hunting for love doesn't always attract the right partner because our reasons for wanting love may be unclear.

The affirmation exercise page has some great tips on using love affirmations with affirmation cards. Writing words, phrases, or statements on index cards and placed where you can see them daily, another good suggestion is the daily affirmation exercise. Recent Examples on the Web.

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Some men may not have received love and affirmation from their mother, believe it or not. — NBC News, "Pastor Touré Roberts wants to help the broken heal through 'Wholeness'," 12 Mar. Young Iranians learn that the 7th-century conquest and subsequent conversion to Islam of the once-mighty Persian empire by a much weaker Arab Muslim army was, in .

Jul 16,  · This article centers on the "Words of Affirmation Love Language" from the book The 5 Love Languages, and discusses ways to fill a partner, husband, or wife's 'love tank.'.

As well as a list of examples, there is also advice for those who cannot readily think of anything great to say about their partner!Reviews:

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