Teal wrapping paper

The following supplies may be ordered by calling 1- Please call Monday through Friday, between 2:

Teal wrapping paper

The following supplies may be ordered by calling 1- Please call Monday through Friday, between 2: If there is no answer, please leave a message and phone number, and we will call you back to take your order.

Teal wrapping paper

For more information, click on "How to Order" at the top or bottom of this page. An extract from the seaweed Irish moss. This is a powdered gelatin, which you mix with water in a blender to form the "size" on which the colors float.

Even though there are many kinds of gels and thickeners available, nothing has been found that works better for marbling size than carrageenan. It is a non-toxic food product, and will not harm you or your blender. Serves as a color binder. Makes the color stick on the paper or fabric -- very important!

Each sheet of paper or fabric must be Teal wrapping paper with dissolved alum before you marble it -- if you don't put alum on your paper or fabric, the color will rinse off. This is pure aluminum sulphate, and doesn't contain other unnecessary chemicals like potassium or ammonium which are often found in the alum used for pickling or for gardening.

Makes colors spread on the surface of the size. You must add a bit of gall to most colors to make them float properly, and to control how much they spread. If a color is not spreading, or is sinking, give it a drop or two of gall.

Also, gall is necessary for some patterns such as the Stone Marble and the Italian Vein.

Teal wrapping paper

This is not the traditional oxgall, from a cow A clear plastic 11" x 14" box picture frame can also be used as a tray. The tools are made of a strip of wood with metal pins or nails for the teeth. We make all of them ourselves right here at our workshop.

Used for making the Nonpareil pattern sample shown belowand used as a preliminary step for making the Bouquet, Feather, and several other patterns. Five teeth per inch. This is the standard spacing for a traditional Nonpareil.

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If you are only buying one comb, this is the one you should get. Used for making a slightly wider-spaced Nonpareil pattern, and is especially useful for up-and-down combing Chevron. Four teeth per inch. A comb like this was used to make patterns 4-BirdwingThistleand Chrysanthemum.

Used for making very fine-combed patterns. Ten teeth per inch. This comb is used just like the standard comb above, but makes a more detailed, intricate pattern. A fine-tooth comb was used to make patterns SwirlButterflyand most of the samples at 3-Peacock.

These combs have to have a double row of teeth, slightly off-set -- if the teeth were all in a single row, the carrageenan and colors wouldn't flow through easily, and even the tiniest specks of dust would get trapped by the teeth and cause a streak or flaw.

These are harder to make, so they cost more than the other combs. Nails spaced at 2". Used alone or in addition to the comb, for making patterns such as the French CurlFeatherand Birdwing.This elegant scarf features a solid color in teal for an attractive accessory.

Baby alpaca refers to the fine fleece from the season's first shearing. Made in Peru. % alpaca; Textile softness: Soft -- this item has been made with natural fibers that are soft to the touch Most premium gift wrap is only $ - $ per item. Select your.

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